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Maintenance Matters

Keep your Viqua Water Filter Genuine


Health, Safety, and Your Water Disinfection System

You bought a VIQUA ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system because you wanted to keep your family safe from waterborne contaminants, like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms. To make sure your family stays protected, you need to maintain your system by cleaning the quartz sleeve and making annual lamp change-outs.

Use Only Genuine VIQUA Replacement Lamps

UV lamps are engineered to last for 9000 hours, which means they generally need to be replaced annually. When you use genuine VIQUA replacement lamps, you can be confident your family’s water will continue to be disinfected to the levels the system was designed to deliver.


Not all lamps are created equal

While a non-genuine lamp may fit in a VIQUA system, its performance or safety simply can’t be guaranteed. In order for a VIQUA system to continue to provide its designated level of disinfection and to maintain its certification, a genuine VIQUA lamp must be used.

Avoid the non-genuine risks

If a non-genuine lamp is used:

  • Your water may not be disinfected properly.
  • Your system performance could be compromised and premature power supply failures may occur.
  • Third-party certification (NSF 55 and UL/CE) becomes void.


So, what’s the difference?

We’ve conducted tests on non-genuine lamps to see how they could affect VIQUA systems. Some of our findings follow.

Findings Adverse effects
Improper pin alignment A bad fit between the base and socket could cause lamp to break, overheat, or fail.
Soft glass lamp Soft glass has poor long-term UV transmission characteristics. VIQUA lamps are made of high-purity, fused quartz.
Lamp wrong length May not fit in the sleeve or achieve a proper seal. This could prevent the unit from closing, which is a safety risk.Could affect disinfection.
Incorrect wiring Lamps will not light. Can cause damage to the electronic controller.
Inconsistent filament heights This results in unpredictable UV output and disinfection performance.
Lamp structure not perpendicular to the base The lamp and/or sleeve could break.


Never Compromise

Every component of a VIQUA system has been designed and engineered through extensive research and development to be part of an overall system that operates safely and efficiently over its entire lifetime. Our lamps are no exception. With more than 35 years of experience in the residential UV business, the expertise and care that goes into the development of our products is second to none.

In case you’re not convinced yet, here are a few more reasons you should only ever use genuine VIQUA lamps:

Fully Certified: VIQUA UV system certifications are only valid when VIQUA-supplied lamps form part of the system
Warranty: VIQUA genuine lamps come with a comprehensive, one-year replacement warranty. Using a genuine VIQUA lamp ensures the warranties and certifications on all other system components stay intact, too.
Third-party validation: VIQUA genuine lamps have undergone thorough performance testing and meet the certification and validation standards of leading governing bodies.
Easy to recycle: When the time comes, VIQUA lamps can be safely and easily recycled. Refer to lamprecycle.org for more information.
Long-life coating: VIQUA lamps have a proprietary coating for stability, longer life, increased efficiency, and higher UV output over the life of the lamp.
Environmentally-friendly: VIQUA genuine lamps (with the exception of some special application lamps) contain nearly 70% less mercury than some non-VIQUA lamps.


Peace of mind

With more than 35 years in the residential water treatment market, VIQUA has built a strong reputation for quality products. Our systems and lamps are designed on a solid foundation of research and development. Genuine VIQUA lamps have gone through rigorous performance testing and meet the certification and validation standards of the
industry’s leading governing bodies.

We are committed to ensuring your experience with our products exceeds expectations. Our UV disinfection systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, call us at +66(0)32-900494.