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Why UV?

Bad things in your water
aren’t always THIS clear.

There could be something scary hiding in your water. You can’t see it. You can’t smell it. You can’t taste it. But it’s there, and it can make you sick.

Glass with bacteria

Why UV?


    • A chemical-free effective solution for inactivating microorganisms in water


    • Many traditional methods of disinfection, such as chlorine, are not effective against certain waterborne microorganisms, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium


    • No matter what the water source is, a UV system will always ensure that the water is safe from microbiological contamination


    • Reverse osmosis wastes on average three gallons of water for every gallon it purifies, and is no longer recognized as a barrier to microbiological contamination.


    • UV disinfection does not affect any healthy minerals in the water, they will still be there after the UV-treatment


    • Economical and energy efficient


    • Easy to install and service

UV Water Filter SystemsProven Science. Innovative Solutions. Better Life.

How does UV disinfection work ?


Water runs through a stainless steel chamber with a UV lamp inside. Illness-causing microorganisms present in the water receives a lethal dose of UV light. This UV light attacks their DNA which inactivates them. An inactivated microbe can no longer multiply and can therefore not cause any infection.



Is UV disinfection a new technology ?


No, not at all. UV disinfection of water has a long and well-proven history and is installed in many public drinking water treatment plants all over the world, for example in New York City.

Discover this video that explains more about the history and technology of UV water disinfection.


The story of UV

IHS22-E4-1 (1)



Our best selling Whole Home System with a flow rate of 70l/min. Complete unit with Sediment filter, Carbon filter and UV disinfection. A Whole Home System means one system for your entire house and gives you and your family clean, safe drinking water straight from any tap in your home.




Our best selling Multi Point System. A complete unit with Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter and UV disinfection. A Multi Point System can easily be installed under the kitchen sink and connected straight to your existing kitchen tap. No need to carry bottled water back from the store anymore. Just open the tap and there it is. Perfectly safe drinking water for you and your family.

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