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59,900 ฿

The IHS12-D4 Whole Home Filter System is our smallest Whole Home System. This system can provide up to 40 litres of safe drinking water per minute. A complete system with a 5 Micron Sediment Filter and a Carbon Filter to remove taste/odour which are integrated in a 10” and a 20” filter housing as pre-filtration before the UV-unit. The system is very easy to install with standard 3/4” inlet and outlet water connections. The LED controller makes it easy to keep track of when the UV-lamp needs to be replaced. The whole system is mounted on a heavy duty, painted steel bracket for easy installation and comes complete with a 40W High Output UV-lamp and filter cartridges.

Technical Details

Model IHS12-D4
Dimensions 64 cm x 30 cm x 70 cm
Max Water Pressure 8.6 Bar
Max flow rate 40l/min
UV lamp 40 W
Power Consumption 50W
Connection Size Inlet: 3/4” Female, Output: 3/4” Male


Replacement parts:
10” High Flow Sediment Filter – CMB-510-HF
20” High Flow Carbon Filter – C2-02
High Output UV Lamp D4 – 602805


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IHS12 Installation


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