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UV System VT4/2

12,900 ฿

The VT4/2 UV System is a stand-alone UV system. This is a UV-disinfection unit without any pre-filtration which is suitable if you already have water filtration to take care of dirt, sediment, smell and taste and are only looking for disinfection to address any microbiological contamination such as bacteria. This system is able to provide up to 7 litres of safe drinking water per minute and be connected straight to an existing kicthen tap. The VT4/2 is also able to provide safe water for 1-2 additional points, for example a refrigerator with water dispenser/ice maker or a coffee machine. The unit is very easy to install with standard size inlet and outlet water connections and comes complete with a 9W UV-lamp.


Technical Details

Model UV System VT4/2
Dimensions 45 cm x 10 cm 
Max Water Pressure 8.6 Bar
Max flow rate 13l/min
UV-lamp 15 W
Power Consumption 20W
Connection Size 1/2″ MNPT