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24,900 ฿

The VT4-DWS11 Multi Point Filter System is a Multi Point system which can be easily installed under the kitchen sink. It can be connected straight to your existing kitchen tap without affecting the pressure and flow and provide 13 litres of safe drinking water per minute. The capacity of the system is enough to also be able to provide safe water for 1-2 additional points, for example a refrigerator with water dispenser/ice maker or a coffee machine. A complete system with 5 Micron Sediment Filter and a Carbon Filter to remove taste/odour which are integrated in 10” filter housings as pre-filtration before the UV-unit. The system is very easy to install with 3/8” inlet and outlet water connections. The whole system is mounted on a heavy duty, painted steel bracket for easy installation and comes complete with a 17W High Output UV-lamp and filter cartridges.


Technical details

Model VT4-DWS11
Dimensions 48 cm x 43 cm x 15 cm
Max Water Pressure 8.6 Bar
Max flow rate 13 l/min
UV lamp 17 W
Power Consumption 20 W
Connection Size 3/8”


Replacement parts:
10” Sediment Filter – AWP110
10” Carbon Filter – AWP117
UV Lamp – S330RL


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VT4-DWS11 Product Brochure

DWS11- ADWS11- BDWS11- cDWS11- DDWS11- FDWS11- GDWS11- H


This system is designed to supply multiple water points at the same time. Such as the refrigerator with water dispenser, coffee machine, ice machine, existing kitchen tap, shower, drinking water fountain or any combination of three.



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