Water vending machines in Bangkok are not safe

A survey made by the subcommittee of the Independent Organisation for Consumers Protection shows that a great majority of water vending machines in Bangkok do not fill the requirements for safe water.

Samples were taken from 855 coin operated vending machines in different areas of Bangkok. There were several factors that the researches looked at to determine if the water was safe or not.

The subcommittee found that 76.3% of the water vending machines were installed at inappropriate places, such as being placed next to roads which covers the machines in dust and smoke from the exhaust pipes. Some where installed next to garbage bins and waste water ditches.

Here are some more results from the survey:

  • 55.2% of the vending machines have unclean bodies.
  • 42.9% have unclean valves.
  • 29.4% have rust.
  • 21.1% have corrosion.
  • 11.2% are leaking.
  • 93.8% are purifying tap water.
  • 43.3% were cleaned once a month (the others unknown)
  • 6% had a water quality test.
  • 7% had a water filter replacement.

A conclusion that the subcommittee came up with was that those who operate water vending machines and concerned government agencies don’t care enough about the impact of unclean water on consumers.

If you are buying your water from a vending machine you should always at least check the exterior of the machine and then make a decision on if it is worth the risk.
Source: ThaiPBS

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